Gall Family Red

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LSF Packerland 0002

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Gills Vin Diesel 7611

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Gall’s Contender

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OHRR Copper Karuba 112H-51u

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Gall’s Beth 5971

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Gall’s Monica 396

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GF Beth 971

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SBCC 9704

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We've MOOOOOOVED! You have read correctly, in 2010, our operation moved from Tripp, SD to a farm located between Freeman and Hurley SD due to Corey taking a different job in Freeman. Although we have moved, nothing has changed, we have the same great cattle and we are the same dependable people who keep working hard to bring you the highest quality red Angus genetics you can find — we may not have the biggest selection, but it will be the best!

With our move to a different farm, we had to make use of all the buildings. In 2010, our oldest children (14 & 10) invested some of their savings and purchased a group of Boer goat does from Harmon Boer Goats of Hull, IA and 2 high quality bucks from the Tristate Sale in Indiana. With these purchases, they are hoping to breed some show goat prospects.