Gall Family Red

Livestock Operations

We have been breeding Red Angus Cattle since 1994. We are truly impressed with this breed. Since 1996 we have been utilizing Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transplant since 2004 to increase the genetic potential of our cowherd. Our focus is that we raise cattle that are docile, good mothers and perform in the pasture and feedlot due to carrying superior genetics. We do not sell cattle in mass quantity as we only keep the top bulls and cut the rest. I feel there are numerous seedstock producers who sell way too many marginal bulls.

The majority of our cows calf in September and October and we sell those bulls as rugged 18 mo old bulls. We do have a few spring calving cows left, but only the best bulls are selected to sell as yearlings. Our bulls are on a high roughage diet and receive 7 lbs of corn maximum to ensure soundness.

We are also not into chasing the carcass cattle/small framed cattle fad. We feel that our customers still sell calves by the pound and none of them want to brag about selling the lightest calves at the sale barn. Our cattle have moderate birth weights, the performance to wean heavy and then go on to be harvested by 14 months of age.

In the past we have purchased calves out of our bulls and put them on test against calves from a competitor's calves. The competitor's calves came in at the same weight, but finished @ 18 months of age...we ended up having to to grow them for 2 months as they didn't develop enough frame. The calves out of our bulls finished @ 1280 lbs shrunk weight, were 90% YG 1 & 2s and 90% choice. The calves out of the other bulls finished @ 1230 shrunk weight and were 80% 1 & 2s and 78% choice. In short, the steers out of GFRA Bulls finished earlier and we made $60/hd and another $40/hd premium. We lost $120.00/hd on the other cattle due to lost time, more feed, and interest expenses...and they were sired by sons of some of the most well known carcass bulls in the breed.

If you are interested in purchasing cattle or would like to visit on the phone or at the farm, we invite you to do so. We encourage anyone interested to come and visit as we really enjoy talking about this great breed of cattle. Thanks for your visit to our website and hope you find all the information helpful.